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Exceptional Customer Service Short Course


With technological advancements, increasing competition, and other external forces disrupting the business environment, offering a good product or service alone is no longer enough. Customers and meeting their needs should be your top priority. Exceptional customer service can be avital differentiator for businesses to develop a competitive advantage and profitable business relationship with clients.

All professionals, no matter their role or seniority, serve customers. Whether you’re on the front-line serving customers directly or serving staff(internal customers), providing first-class customer service should be an integral part of your job, not seen as an extension of it.

This Exceptional Customer Service 2 day course will look at the different types of customers, and how to improve your customer management skills and abilities. This intensive and practical course will equip you with vital skills to provide exceptional customer service, build up a good rapport with clients, manage customer complaints, and demonstrate how you can transform customers into brand advocates and return business.


    • Identifying the different types of customers – internal and external
    • Discovering what constitutes as effective customer service
    • Anticipating what your customers really want and then exceed their expectations.
    • Tapping into your “Social” and “Emotional” intelligence to ensure you can always find common ground with your customers
    • Establishing a powerful and positive attitude that contributes towards effective customer service
    • Giving exceptional customer service in-person, over the phone and via digital platforms
    • Identifying and addressing the customer’s needs or problem
    • Building sustainable customer loyalty in an environment where poaching customers is rife
    • Keeping your cool and hide your irritation when you are dealing with truly difficult or rude customers
    • Turning your difficult customers into brand advocates
    • Avoiding the 7 “Deadly Sins” of customer service!
    • Using the latest customer service tools as service professionals globally adapt to the Social Media boom, the Recession and other developments.

A great course for anyone who wants to write clearly, concisely, persuasively — and FASTER!


This course is appropriate for any professional no matter what profession they are in or their level of seniority. This course focuses on how professionals can improve their customer service to both internal and external customers.


Winning ‘World Class Customer Service’ Today

  • Who are your customers and why is customer service important in your profession – Internal and External Customers
  • Understand the importance of customer service and how it has evolved in today’s business environment with its focus on quality client relationships
  • Get to grips with the 7 winning ways to deliver world class customer service and see a vast improvement in your client relationships
  • Learn to apply key rules to winning customers and never struggle again to get new customers
  • Apply your action plan to effectively evolve your current customer service levels to the next level

Understanding Perceptions and Expectations – The X Factor in Business

  • Discover how perceptions are formed and how they directly affect your customers decisions and experiences
  • Learn how to effectively compete to get your customers’ attention by understanding their motivation factors in response to various stimuli
  • Learn how to think like your customer apply the customer focused approach and understand why benefits are essential to your client

Mastering all Levels of Client Interaction with Ease

  • Know how to apply the levels of client interaction to bond with your customer and get the credibility and loyalty you deserve
  • Learn the steps to better client interaction that are guaranteed to build stronger links with your customer base
  • Learn techniques on how to give your customers the ‘WOW factor’ experience every time
  • Discover the 5 dimensions of service quality to ensure your customers provide the best level of service

Getting to Know what Customers “REALLY” Want

  • Discover the qualities of customer care to ensure your customers get what they want every time
  • Apply the proven guidelines to creating memorable experiences and see the positive response from your customers
  • Learn ways to get real feedback from your customers
  • Know the keys to long-term exceptional service delivery to establish a powerful connection with people that matter your customers!

Communicating and Connecting with Your Clients

  • Learn how to apply the customer communication model to effectively engage with clients and overcome any obstacles
  • Discover methods for bonding with your clients from various demographic backgrounds and generations
  • Learn how to adapt to various personality types to manage your clients on a more personal level
  • Discover the 4 different communication styles to adapt to match your client’s preferences
  • Understand the key factors and behaviours that influence and long term relationships
  • Know how to use body language, voice tone and listening skills to overcome communication barriers

Dealing with Difficult or Emotional Customers

  • Avoid losing customers by identifying the 5 most common causes of customer unhappiness
  • Learn to apply “Personal Coping” strategies when you eel you are losing your temper with an irate or rude customer
  • Discover ways to convert a complaint into a possible customer service opportunity
  • Learn how to see the tell-tale signs of Potential Problems before they become major disasters to proactively avoid having unhappy customers

Applying Social and Emotional Intelligence to Customer Service

  • Know the importance and difference between social intelligence and emotional intelligence when dealing with a customer
  • How to apply the 7 characteristics of a socially intelligent person that are proven to make a good impression every time.
  • Find common ground with your customer using the 5 key elements of being emotionally intelligent
  • Understand the role and impact that values and assumptions have in a customer’s decision-making process

Taking your Clients from Satisfied to Loyal for Life

  • Know how to apply the customer loyalty grid to ensure that your customer needs are exceeded to keep them loyal for life
  • Learn the key elements that are core to maintaining customer loyalty from your current customers
  • Use these winning tips to build and sustain customer loyalty from your new customers
  • Discover the Do’s and Don’ts of World-Class’ customer loyalty

Getting to Grips with the Latest International Trends and Challenges

  • Learn the survival strategy on how to keep your customers so you do not lose them to larger or international companies
  • Understanding the effects of the roll-over backlash of complaints posted on the Internet by companies not responding quicker enough to companies
  • Get to know the latest top international challenges faced in customer service today
  • Know the 7 deadly sins of customer service to increase awareness of what not to do when dealing with a client
  • Grasping the new customer service techniques for the future.