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Intelligent Business And Interpersonal Communication Short Course

Unit Standard

9960 (8 credits) and 9953 (3 credits) in the Business Administration Level 3 Qualification


2 days


Classroom or Online


How come we often feel we are communicating effectively with our colleagues, but they still manage to misunderstand us?
The reason is that we all communicate differently, depending on our personal preferences – AND depending on our personal thinking style.
Understanding how we communicate is the first step to actively managing our daily business communication —which will result in increased efficiency, reduced conflict and a better performance within our team.
This Intelligent Business Communication Skills 2-day course will benefit anyone who would like to boost their core business skills by learning to communicate effectively and professionally within the business environment


  • Assessing the vital role communication plays in organisation success
  • Understanding the neuroscience behind communication and its practical significance
  • Your dominant thinking and communication style  and the impact of this on those you interact with
  • Using this knowledge to pick up and appropriately respond to communication cues from others
  • Learning how to take appropriate “communication risks” that will help you to build longer term trust
  • Understanding how communication styles influence the confidence in a business relationship
  • Discovering the communication behaviours you have to avoid AT ALL COSTS!


Newly appointed managers, secretaries, personal assistants, administrative professionals, line-managers and project managers, supervisors, marketing and sales professionals, foremen, technical managers, team leaders, financial professionals, warehouse managers, customer support staff.


People, Communication and Success

  • Examples from everyday life and how good communication enhances success 
  • Discovering how good communication is linked to team performance and organisational success
  • Learning what communication is and isn’t
  • Identifying what and how good teams communicate
  • Understanding that some people are natural communicators while others have to work at it
  • Realising why you need people with different communication and thinking preferences in a team

Brain Science and its Significance

  • Realising that your physiology affects the way you communicate and think
  • What profiling tools are out there and how do they work?
  • Understanding the physical influence of the brain on thinking and communicating
  • Using what you know about yourself to discover where your communication and thinking preferences lie

Your Personal Dominant Style in Relation to your Team

  • Discovering the various communication and thinking styles
  • Understanding the characteristics of each style
  • Uncovering your own “language”  how you think and communicate  and that of your team
  • Discussing the team dynamics based on your assessment of each team member’s style
  • Learning how to deal with people with different thinking and communication styles

Putting Communication Intelligence to Work

  • Learning to function in your less preferred styles to enhance communication with others 
  • Learning to value the uniqueness of team members 
  • Using your enhanced communication style to build trust and support team ethics 
  • Developing individual and team accountability and responsibility through clear task allocation and delegation

Personal Mastery

  • Believing in yourself and effective selfleadership
  • Communicating your values, requirements and goals clearly and assertively

This course will benefit anyone who would like to boost their core business skills by learning to communicate effectively and professionally within the business environment.