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The 5 Day Management Programme Short Course

Unit Standard

242824 (12 credits), 252043 (6 credits), And 13912 (5 credits) in the Generic Management Level 4 Qualification


5 days


Classroom or Online


This comprehensive cutting-edge management programme will cover the key management, financial and business success areas that managers in South Africa need to know. The programme, which is effectively four courses in one, will deliver several proven management skills and techniques to help you become the complete all-round manager. If you are a new or existing manager, you will benefit by sharing and solving the various challenges that you face when managing your people, departments and your own workloads.

This 5 Day Management Programme will clearly demonstrate how to use proven management techniques to consistently achieve success in any form of management position and prepare you to tackle the challenges inherent in achieving success in an ever-changing business environment.



    • Module 1 and 2: 
      Discovering a “toolbox” of proven people management and selfmanagement skills and techniques to help managers survive and succeed
    • Module 3: 
      Mastering business etiquette and cultural diversity to build awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences, and leaving a lasting impression of professionalism at all business engagements
    • Module 4: 
      Decoding the language of finance and accounts and applying this knowledge to reading and understanding financial reports


Module 1: Transitioning from Employee to Manager

  • Managing your workload as it now incorporates managing the workloads of others 
  • Understanding how your time should best be spent
  • Gaining Respect and Support from your team
  • Understanding the role EQ plays in your new role 
  • Learning Assertiveness & Conflict Resolution Skills

Module 2: People Management Skills

  • Understanding the importance of clear communication
  • Motivating staff to perform
  • Using analytical thinking to solve problems and make decisions
  • Using delegation as a motivational as well as a management tool
  • Coaching and Managing staff performance
  • The Management versus the Leadership Process

Module 3: Business Etiquette, Networking and Image for Managers

  • Greet, meet and converse with people in a business setting 
  • Network professionally with potential business contacts
  • Participate professionally and respectfully during meetings
  • Use discretion and judgment to avoid being culturally insensitive
  • Remain cool and calm during a crisis to guide your team’s effort
  • Dress to Impress Understand the nuances of appropriate dress
  • Learn why discretion is important when talking

Module 4: A Manager’s Guide to Finance

  • The importance of the financial function
  • Decoding common Accounting Terminology and Jargon
  • What Balance Sheets & Income Statements tell you
  • Understanding the importance of Cash flow
  • Draw conclusions and trends from a Financial Statement 
  • How to prepare a realistic budget or Financial Forecast
  • Practical ways to manage and monitor your budgets

Module 5: Everyday Performance Management that Works.

  • Understanding the role of the 21st Century Manager
  • Discover what performance management interventions are expected of managers today
  • The importance of management styles when operating in a diverse workplace
  • Assess the role of goal setting
  • Improving policies and procedures
  • Company policies and labour law
  • Conducting performance improvement discussions with staff